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Siri Smith

                                             Wife. Gymnastics + Dance Mama. Coffee enthusiast. Lover of travel . . . are just a few words I use to describe myself. When I am not working as a pediatric MA or off shooting a family, birth or newborn session, you will often find me with a double (or triple) shot latte in my "Mommy Needs Coffee" mug as I chauffeur my two daughters between dance and gymnastics practices/meets/performance.

I first fell in love with my camera when in High School, but it wasn't until my first daughter, Emma, was born that I became consumed by my passion for photography. Taking photos enabled me to capture countless moments with my little family through the creative lens; allowing me to look back and reflect on those precious moments for years after they are gone. The passion to photograph my family quickly turned into workshops, to perfect my technique, and soon into a small business. 


I am a PNW native, I have a unique background having worked as a Bridal Consultant in my college days and then in Nursing for 12+ years in obstetrics, lactation and pediatric/family medicine. I have always loved working with brides, mothers, babies and watching families grow.  Every photograph tells a story. . . I would be honored if you invited me to capture yours. 

"Photography is the beauty of life captured" 



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