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Beth and I have known each other since we were very little, so when she got engaged and asked me to be the Photographer at her wedding, I was tickled pink! This is my very first time photographing a wedding and was so honored that she trusted me with this special moment in their lives.

Josh and Beth met on OkCupid. He was the first guy she reached out to and they hit it off right away. Their first date was at Daphne's in Edmonds, WA, and Beth could not get over how handsome Josh was or how easily they connected. After their date, Josh asked Beth if she would go out with him again the next day. She said at that moment, she knew she was hooked, and it was a whirlwind romance from that point on!

After dating for a few months, Josh proposed to Beth on a Wednesday night in February. They were at his apartment, Josh had made them dinner for date night. Beth recalls that after she was done dishing the food, Josh had asked her to go into the next room...she heard him "setting something up" and when she came out there were candles, roses and gold painted letters (pictured above that they used as decor in their wedding) "J & B" sitting on the table. Josh claimed it was just for "date night". Later, after dinner, Josh cleared the dishes and started talking about "all the ways [he] could think of doing this, but always just ended up coming back to one thing...just you and me". Beth said that Josh then proposed at the dinner table in his apartment, just the two of them, as he envisioned, and it couldn't have been more perfect.

Josh and Beth wanted a simple, "Seattle/Pike Place" inspired wedding in the city of Wenatchee, where Beth's parents now reside. We later referred to this theme as "Wenatchee Glam"! The venue was at Pybus Public Market and their wedding was perfect and beautifully simple, just like Josh and Beth. She wore a gorgeous rose-gold sequin gown and he looked sharp in a navy suit. They chose not to have attendants but instead have their children stand beside them. The girls, Macy (Beth's daughter) and Kennedy (Josh's daughter) wore matching cream dresses with rose-gold sequin accents, to match Beth's dress. Thacher (Josh's son) wore navy slacks and tie that matched his dad's suit. As Beth walked down the aisle, the bouquet she carried was made to split in two, which she then handed each girl...a design thought up by Josh.

Josh and Beth's children are all fairly close in age, and where ecstatic when they learned they would become siblings! At the reception, Kennedy even gave a toast to Josh & Beth, thanking them for getting married and making Macy her sister! These two little families couldn't be more made for each other!

Congrats, Mr & Mrs Morse! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your special day!

{ Venue } Pybus Public Market

{ Flowers } Full Bloom

{ Caterer } Fire + Ice

{ Wedding Planner + Coordinator } Julie Webber

{ Dress } Rent The Runway

{ Suit } Mens Warehouse

{ Hair + Makeup } Jana Loewen

{ Officiant } Pastor Jim Shemaria

{ DJ + MC } Mike McFadden

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